Kitchen Nightmares!

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As many of you know Mrs. Claus loves spending time in the kitchen. She loves cooking and is extremely fond of baking. I will say that she makes a spectacular mince pie and her custard tarts are divine, but now thanks to some crazy television show, she has been baking all sorts of wild and wacky things.

The Great North Pole Bake Off is a very competitive event and she takes it seriously, especially as she is defending champion, Christmas Star Baker and fan favourite to win this year’s event. This year’s task to create a showstopper cake has been challenging for her, and I can see she is feeling the pressure. Last night I caught her shouting at the butter and karate chopping some eggs.

Unfortunately she has been practising so much that every single surface, including all the chairs, sofas, hammocks, bean bags and stools are covered with cakes. This has seriously impacted on my training as I can’t do my sitting-down workout and my buttocks are starting to sag.

Sadly I just heard word from the reindeer who have decided to go on strike. I tried to ask them why but that darned cat still has my tongue! This has put the test flights on hold, so I can only hope the sleigh will be up to the task of flying around the world.

The naughty and nice list is still smudged, so there is still time to clean your room Emily-Rose and Conner, I really think you should do the washing up.

Speak soon. Be good.

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