Silent Night

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Hi all! Well, I’ve done a very foolish thing. Last week after I finished my bubble bath I went to the new wing of the Magical Workshop and Toy Repository to see how things were getting on. I have to say it looks absolutely smashing and the elves there are working very hard indeed. But, do you remember I told you the elves were purely in the experimental stages of candy development? Well, apparently that means the sweeties aren’t ready to be eaten. I just wish someone had told me before I snaffled up a juicy looking jelly and a tantalizing gum drop.

Since I ate both I haven’t been able to talk at all. It’s like the cat’s got my tongue, or there’s a giant frog in my throat. It’s been horrible. I’m too scared to tell Mrs. C as she’ll know I cheated on my diet. I also don’t want to worry the elves.


To make matters worse I met with my new tailor. Kylie, Harriot, Juan, and Emma, if you could only see the designs he showed me. Orange, pink, purple, zig-zags, polka dots and feathers and I couldn’t speak!!! Sigh, I wasn’t able to say anything and now it looks like I’m going to be stuck wearing a crazy, feathery suit, and all the feathers will get stuck in chimneys, and the polka dots will upset the reindeer (they are frightened of them!) and the zig-zags won’t show off my curves like the red suit does.

I also made a big mistake in the toy production figures, and we are actually way behind for this time of the year. It turns out I was wearing the wrong spectacles. Now, I don’t want any of you to worry. Elves are extremely hard workers and I have no doubt they will get everything done on time, although we may have to sacrifice a few socks and underpants so we can get all the toys made. Is that okay with you James? I don’t want you to be disappointed on Christmas morning if you don’t get all the underpants you wanted.

Speak soon. Be good.

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