Christmas Eve Nap

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Hi all. It’s here. It’s finally here. Can you believe it? Sometimes it feels like Christmas is never going to arrive. I am so excited and just want to hop in my sleigh and start delivering presents, but Mrs. C has told me it’s too soon. She is right of course, but the reindeer and I have been waiting for this moment all year!

I am pleased to say we achieved maximum toy production, but it was touch and go for awhile! We did fall short with underpants production, but don’t worry James I’ve managed to swap presents around so you’ll get all the underpants you’ve been wishing for – I am sure Mitchell won’t mind as he was more interested in the remote control robot (which I know isn’t your thing – Ho! Ho! Ho!)

This year I decided to let Mr. Hobart Squish-Berry have the honour of sprinkling magic dust over all the presents and toys so they will fit in my sleigh. He had a difficult time with my suit, and I feel bad because he did mean well, but when it comes to my suit I prefer the timeless, classic look.

The reindeer and I are going to have a quick nap before we sit down for our big pre-flight fry up. This year she’s making me a 22-egg frittata, which I’ve never had before. The reindeer will of course be having their favourite carrot pancakes. Don’t tell the missus but I did have a sneaky peek at our packed lunch – she has put in several cupcakes but these ones have smiley faces. I think she is feeling better, but I still won’t mention the words showstopper, collapse, mincemeat, extract or soggy bottom in front of her!

Mmmmm…I hope Bernie mentioned my snacking preferences to you all. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what delicious treats you’ll leave out for me and the reindeer. Fudge is always appreciated but I wouldn’t say no to a grilled cheese sandwich or strawberry scone with cream.

The reindeer, as you all know, LOVE carrots!

Yawn…I better put my head down and get snoozing. I’ll be in the air in a matter of hours!

I do hope you enjoyed reading my blog. I have certainly enjoyed sharing my stories about life in the North Pole with you. Please be good for your parents and go to bed when they ask. I will be bringing a thermos of roast parsnip latte with me…and you all know what that could mean!

Let your parents have a little sleep in. If it is still dark outside, it is too early. Let them have another hour, or two before you go jumping on their bed screaming CHRISTMAAAAAAAAASSSSS at full volume.

The reindeer, Mrs. Claus, all the elves and I wish you, your family and all your loved ones a wonderful day full of laughter, fun and togetherness. I will see you next year, and James I do hope you like your underpants!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas everyone!

Santa Claus

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