Feeling Festive!

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“Deck the halls with boughs of holly. Fa la la la la, la la la la la la la.”

I think I put a few to many ‘la la’s’ in there, but I don’t care kids, because I’m feeling festive!

Maybe it’s because I finally got my voice back.

Maybe it’s the overwhelming aroma of mincemeat extract in the house. (I thought there was a shortage?)

Maybe it’s the fact that the reindeer are no longer on strike (really what a bunch of silliness that was – but reindeer are extremely temperamental!)

In any case this has been a stupendous week and I’m feeling full of Christmas spirit. Are you? I do think Reiko, Ashley, Jensen, Stephen and Ingrid could be a bit more excited about Christmas– what do you think guys? (James is definitely excited – he can’t wait to get his new underpants!)

Anyway I decided to throw a giant party, yes I know another party, but this is the party season after all. Everyone had a great time, although while I was singing I noticed a few elves trying out earmuffs – lucky for them the naughty and nice list is still out of commission. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Toy production is back on schedule, so there’s no need to worry. I told you elves work hard!

Speak soon. Be good.

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