Flight Plan Finalization and Sleigh Wash

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I have spent most of the day trying to console poor Prancer, who’s strangely shaped snowman confused and frightened most inhabitants of the North Pole, including the yeti, who lives down the road. I will give him some hoof friendly sculpting tools for Christmas – do you think he’ll like them?

Yesterday I spent the day with the Elfin Aerospace Committee and the Celestial Navigation Department to finalize our route and complete a global weather check. The reindeer and I will begin our flight in Napier, New Zealand (what a beautiful place!) and finish in Honolulu, Hawaii (again it’s simply stunning!)

So far the weather looks great. The skies will be smooth and calm, which is good news for me as my buttocks are all mushy thanks to the fact Mrs. C is still baking grumpy cakes and I have nowhere to practice my ‘bum-ups’.

Sadly it seems I won’t be able to conduct my usual test flights. We’ve lost too much time because of the reindeer strike, the hideous…errr…I mean beautiful snow sculpture and our need to catch up on toy production. Figgy Gum-Weazel is an excellent engineer and no one knows the inner workings of my sleigh better then him. He says all that’s needed is a good wax and polish plus some additional plumping of the cushions and we’re good to go!

How exciting is that? I’ve got butterflies, bees, fireflies and jumping beans in my tummy just thinking about it!

Oh, some of you may not want to hear this, but the naughty and nice list has been rewritten! It’s on my favourite pink parchment paper and the naughty list is written in green ink and the nice list is written in purple ink. Or is it the other way round…….?

Ho! Ho! Ho! I’ve never seen so many worried faces. I’m just having a joke, don’t worry. I know the naughty list is written in purple ink and the nice list is written in green ink…..

Ho! Ho! Ho! You lot are just too easy to wind up!

Speak soon. Be good.

Oh and Rosie, Hamish, Annabelle, Consuela, Mei Ling and Gordon you still haven’t written to me. There is still time, and I would love to have some drawings to put on my fridge. Use crayon, paint, marker, pen – whatever you like. Unfortunately I am unable to accept any more macaroni pictures at this time as I keep eating the macaroni, which is giving me bloat.

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