Mrs. Claus Makes Grumpy Cakes

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Tensions are running high in the Claus household. Mrs. C was knocked out of the competition when her cake collapsed and she has not taken the news well. She has spent the last 24-hours baking cupcakes and icing them with blueberry ripple frosting in the form of big grumpy faces.

The reindeer, all the elves and me are staying out of her way! I did grab a cupcake to try. To be honest it wasn’t that nice, it tasted very strongly of mincemeat extract. Bleurgh!

Although I’m delighted Nippy won the trophy, I preferred Nutmeg’s Giant Choux replica of me. I ate the right, big toe and have to say not only was it one of the nicest pastries I’ve ever eaten, it was also one of the nicest big toes I’ve ever eaten too! Ho! Ho! Ho! Gotcha with that one Josie didn’t I? It’s actually Jack Frost who likes to nibble on real toes and fingers, so always wear your woolly socks and mittens when you go out to play in the snow!

Oh, I have been to visit the injured elves in hospital. They are doing very well indeed and will be back to work in no time. One had a dried prune stuck up his nose, while the other two suffered from mild gingerbread grazes. They are laughing and joking, and looking forward to getting back to work tomorrow.

Speak soon. Be good.

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